peace pirate, originally uploaded by hockamama.

jessica left for bonnaroo yesterday…I miss her, so very much already. she and dixon wanted me to make them a flag so they could find their campsite at bedtime. I have this great tie-dye peace sign fabric that I was originally gonna use, but when I was playing with my fabric trying to organize all of my fabric, I found mr. skeleton and thought he would be cool as a flag, with all his cool glow-in-the-darkiness. I ended up using the peace sign fabric for his bandanna and the sign on his heart.

jess called me this morning and said he looked really cool swingin in the breeze last night. she was excited when she told me that the people next to them are in a veedub bus with tie-dye seat covers and bead curtains. she is such a hippie at heart, I think she’d be in bliss if she could live in a commune.