today is mama’s birthday.  63 years ago today, she made her entrance into this world.  she was the second child and only daughter of ada and harold.

she has worn many hats over the years: mama, daddy, confidante, friend, financial and moral support, neighbor, and nana among others.

for years she worked two jobs to support stuart and I.  later, she was a stay-at-home mama, who kept very tight rein on us.  well, mainly on me, because stuart was better behaved than I.  I guess I broke her in for him.

I have never lived more than 2 blocks away from her.  she helped me raise my younguns, kept them while I worked,  and provided them with snacks o’plenty.

mama brought us to north carolina and planted us on a commune.  as a family, we are closer than we ever have been, literally and figuratively.  and mama is the genius behind that endeavor.

she is the dispenser of advice, snacks, and gas money for her grandkids – well, the one who can drive.

I’m so glad to have her.  our family has been blessed.  happy birthday, mama!