my sweet, dear ringo starr has a drinking problem.  he only wants to drink water out of his bowl after he’s moved it around the kitchen floor.

ordinarily, this would not be a big deal.  however, the finish on our floor is not ordinary.  when we moved into this house, there was ratty linoleum on half the floor.  one day a couple of years ago, we decided to pull the linoleum up.  unfortunately, the glue, and the bottom of the linoleum -or maybe a tar paper of some sort- would not come up.  rich rented a sander, but to no avail.

the result is that whenever the floor gets wet, the brown stuff turns to mud; the kitties then leave little muddy footprints all over the house.  I discovered accidentally, that if I scrape the stuff when it’s wet, it will come up, but man, oh man, that will take me forever!

ringos-water-mess-200-x-150.jpg it’s a good thing I love that cat!