I LOVE LOVE that song, even if it’s not totally accurate.  it always brings joy to me to hear it in may or june.

tomorrow is the last day of school, but tony is going to play hookie.  it’s actually only half a day, so I don’t feel guilty.  I have a dr. appointment in the morning and I’m not sure I’d be able to pick him up on time.

maddie is going to indiana for 2 weeks, and they’re leaving in the morning.  mandie and the baby will be back monday, so I’m getting a 4 day break from babysitting.  I’ve been looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time.  I sure do miss that little stinkerbell when she’s gone.

today jess and I went to eat lunch with tony, for his last day.  next year, he’ll be in 4th grade, on the other side of the school.  the big kid side.  I’m having a difficult time believing that my little boy is not so little anymore.  I remember when jess was a colicky baby, and people would tell me “this time will be gone before you know it”.  boy, were they right!