buttons, originally uploaded by hockamama.

buttons came to us a few years ago, she just sauntered up to rich and I when we were out in the back yard. she apparently lived in the old garage, but we had no clue where she came from. she is so sweet and affectionate, we decided to bring her in the house, so she would be safe. at that time, we had 3 cats, hitchcock, his sister liberace, and chewey. hitchcock owned the house, and thankfully, let us live here; that is, as long as we catered to his every need.

buttons came into the household totally unprepared for the clique that awaited her. hitchie and libby were ugly to her from the get go. chewey was accepting and friendly. we had some turf wars, some huge minor fusses, and after awhile, buttons decided to live outside once again. sometimes she can be found sitting at the front door, waiting on some love and food. whenever we spend time out back, she comes over and chatters to us.

I have tried to convince her to come inside for a visit, but while she’ll stick her head in the door and have a look around, she won’t set foot in the house. I reckon she’s just an outside girl.