tony is really sensitive.  he worries about hurting other peoples’ feelings.  jess wanted to buy him a t-shirt that said something about a sister for sale, but he told her he wouldn’t wear it.  she assured him that it wouldn’t bother her, but he said it would bother him.

when he requests a specific parent to tuck him in, he makes sure to explain to the other parent that he’s not trying to be ugly.  one day while we were in greensboro, I saw a geek squad car, for the first time.  I laughed, but tony told me that he was disappointed in me for laughing at them and calling them names.!!.

and yet; yet, he doesn’t hesitate to let madison know if she’s doing something he doesn’t like, or if she’s not doing something he wants her to do.  I may never figure that boy out.

p.s. at this very moment, cuppycake is biting my finger -making this process a tiny bit difficult- because I won’t pet her.  I have already had to make 2 corrections because she keeps sitting on the keyboard.  sigh…