last night we held a surprise bridal shower for a woman at church. this is not her first marriage, so we did a personal shower since she already had all the housekeeping things she needs.

she got LOTS of cute little -really little- nighties and negligees. I went against the flow and gave her a cool thing I found online. it’s a letter that has areas that coordinate with little household things, like soap, washing powder, etc. she decided to pass the gifts out and let other people open them when it was time. that made it even more fun.

the letter says things like “you’ve decided to make a (1) to each other”…”sometimes he’ll need your gentle (2)”…if you ever need us, just (3)” 1-pledge, 2-caress, 3-dial.

I was nervous about giving her something so different than what everyone gave her, but everyone really liked it, so I was glad I went for it.

she’s getting married June 23rd, so I have a little over a month to get ready…she asked me to make her wedding cake. I should start practicing now, but I will probably put it off until crunch time is here, then get really stressed. even though I know better, it always seems to happen that way.