last night I made sloppy chicken sandwiches, a recipe I found in a crock pot cookbook.  they’re made of chicken, obviously, cream of chicken soup, chicken broth, crackers; I added celery just for the fun of it.  they were pretty good, but not spectacular.

however, last tuesday, saturday and monday proved to be new favorites.

tuesday, I made baked stuffed fish.  I used tilapia instead of the sole called for in the recipe.  it’s really simple, just make the crabmeat stuffing, and roll it up in the fillet, bake and serve.  yummo!!

saturday, I made seared steaks with bourbon-thyme sauce, and rice pilaf with cranberries and almonds.  I didn’t want to go to the butcher shop, out of laziness, and I couldn’t find any rib-eyes that I liked at the grocery store, so I used pork chops, instead.  the recipe makes 4 servings, so I decided to double it.  *hint*  if you double, don’t double the bourbon!!  I never thought about the strength of the bourbon, but man!  my entire downstairs smelled like a bar when I was making this.  it was so strong after I put the bourbon in, that I added another whole can of beef broth.

it turned out great, everyone loved it.  they loved the rice, too, even though I’m the only one in my house who likes cranberries.

monday night, I made sea bass with creamed leeks & soy jus.   again, I used tilapia instead of the bass the recipe calls for.  we just really like tilapia, and it’s easy to find and economical.  plus, I couldn’t find sea bass at the seafood counter.

this was the biggest hit, I think, which surprised me like crazy.  rich doesn’t like soy sauce, so I really didn’t think he’d care for this, but he told me to put this in the recipe file and make it again real soon.

I have to say that I think rachael ray is my new addiction.  and the food network.  it’s a wonder I don’t weigh 300 pounds!  I think I better be careful…