on sunday morning, I came home from dropping the young’uns off for sunday school.  I went into the bathroom, and there stands my husband, with a totally naked face.   I tried not to freak out, I really did try.  I couldn’t look at him for several minutes.  he kept reassuring me that he would grow it back, it was all an accident.

apparently, he just got a little razor happy during the goatee-trimming portion of the before-church rush.  so…he decided to go ahead and shaved the whole kit and caboodle, and  start fresh with the new growth.

he grew his first mustache around the age of 16, and has worn facial hair ever since, except for a handful of short periods.  he was in the middle of one of those periods when we met, but within a few days of our relationship, he grew his ‘stache back, with a beard to coordinate.

the day before our wedding, he had it professionally trimmed by the lady who cut my hair.  in her defense, she did tell him that she didn’t do many beard trims.  when he got home, he shaved it off.  when I got home and saw -or rather, didn’t see- the beard, I cried.  I holed up in the bathroom, and felt sorry for myself.

it kills me to admit this, but I was soo immature back then.  that’s not to say that I’m extremely mature these days, but I like to think I’m alot closer now than then.

right now, he thinks he doesn’t look good, and he thinks I feel that, too.  that’s is so not the case.  I still have trouble looking him in the eye, but I don’t think he looks bad, I still think he’s handsome, I still love to look at him.

it finally hit me last night, just why it bothers me.  I have seen this man with this face for so long, that when it’s altered, it’s like a totally different man.  I almost feel like I’m being unfaithful, kissing this other man, hugging him.  it may not make sense to y’all, but that’s how I feel.

there’s a shadow on his face now, that I know will soon be shaped to fit around his mouth and chin, and back will be that face that I’m used to seeing across the dinner table, next to me as we veg on the porch, and when we lay down to sleep.  I love this man, and I would love him just as much with or without facial hair, but I’m glad it’s coming back.