on mother’s day, jessica and I went to see the new movie, georgia rule. I thought it would be a great mother’s day movie, and had invited mama, but she didn’t want to go, so it was just jessica and I. it was a good movie, I really like felicity huffman, so I was looking forward to it.

later, someone asked me about the movie: if it was good, and if the grandmother -jane fonda’s character- had straightened out the daughter and granddaughter. I hesitated, then said that they had all taught each other some things.

*****spoiler alert*****

I was struck by the assumption that the older woman was right, and she would teach the younger women how to behave. I wondered about that, then I realized that the commercials kind of give you that impression; that the grandmother is always right, after all, she makes the rules, hence the movie title. but it’s been my experience, that movie grandmothers almost always have a lesson or two of their own to learn.

this particular grandmother never told her daughter that she was loved, the daughter was an alcoholic, the granddaughter was being abused by her stepfather, and was borderline out of control.

through the magic of hollywood, grandma learns that if you say “I love you”, things change: daughter wants to sober up, she decides to be a better mother; granddaughter discovers that sex is not love, and that she just may be okay.

the movie ended on a happy note, although it kind of leaves one guessing as to the rest of the story. I’m glad we went to see it, it’s always nice to see a positive spin on a sad story that many know too well.

I haven’t told you the entire story, just the gist, so think about seeing it. jane fonda is a great actress,  and I really like felicity huffman. I’ve never been much of a fan of lindsay lohan, but she is a good actress. I enjoyed this movie, and jess will probably buy it for me when it comes to a store near us.

up next: shrek the third, and pirates of the caribbean: at world’s edge I can’t wait for those 2!