last night I made a great new dish I saw robin miller make last week. it’s moroccan-style tilapia fillets with mango chutney and a side of couscous. tony watched the show with me, so he was anxious to taste it. I really didn’t expect rich to like it, because he is partial to traditional meat and potatoes. but everybody liked it.

I just rubbed the tilapia with cumin and coriander, then sauteed it in olive oil. the couscous had peas, mint and coriander in it. to serve it, I nestled the tilapia on the couscous, and topped it with the yummo mango mix. the original recipe calls for mango and cilantro, but I really don’t like cilantro, so I used mint instead. it was so good!

earlier in the week, I made spicy low fat chicken fajitas. yummo again! scoop some onto a hot corn tortilla, oh man! they are scrumptious. I’ve been having a great time trying new recipes. it’s always nice when the fam requests to have a meal again soon.

I encourage y’all to try atleast one of these recipes, I really think you’ll enjoy them.