tony has been bugging me to give him a haircut (the extent of my abilities is actually a buzz with rich’s clippers) for about a week.  the eog’s are this week, and he’s been really stressed about it, so we decided to rid him of some hair last night.  this is the shaggy look that he had been sporting:

shaggy-tony-resized.jpg sorry for the blurry pic, but that’s the best close up I’ve got.  so, last night, jessica was watching, and she suggested to tony that he try a mohawk.  she told him that he should wear it for the eog’s, but if he didn’t like it, we could always cut it off.

surprisingly, he jumped on the idea.  normally he doesn’t like anything that might call attention to him, or make him stand out.

we gelled it, moussed it and sprayed it this morning before he went to school.  he left here this morning sporting a new shirt – he claimed it is now his lucky shirt, it’s got jerry on it and he loves anything tom & jerry – a little love/encouragement note in his lunch box, and his new hair. mohawk-tony.jpg