I was blog surfing just now, and came upon one which mentioned this article.  I’ll give you the gist in case you don’t feel like going there yourself.  about a month ago, an african american woman in toronto bought a chocolate brown couch from a furniture store owned by a native of india.  soon after, her young daughter happened to notice that the description tag listed n***** brown as the color.

the woman went through all the channels: the store, the supplier, the manufacturer…until it was discovered that the chinese manufacturer uses a 10 year-old chinese english dictionary to translate color names.

they have  apologized and tried to explain that it was purely ignorance, not malice which prompted this mistake.  the owner of the furniture store explained that he didn’t realize it was a forbidden word, having been here from india for 35 years, but not knowing what the word meant.

this is where it gets sticky, in my opinion.  if I bought something, and it said “honky white” or some such other description, I honestly don’t think I’d be horribly offended.  now, obviously, until I’m in a certain position, I could not predict how I would react, but…

the woman has retained an attorney and is seeking compensation for this issue, which she says has taken a toll on her family; apparently no one will sit on the couch now, not even friends.

when is an apology enough anymore?  I don’t like to think of myself as a bigot, I really don’t think I am, but it gets bothersome feeling like a person needs to ask forgiveness for whatever atrocities distant relatives may have  committed.  to me, that feels like staying mad at my husband, after he has apologized, just for the twisted desire to see him suffer.

maybe I’m out of line -it certainly wouldn’t be the first time- but I think it’s just not right to seek money for a stupid mistake; especially when the offender has admited to ignorance and has apologized.

okay, I’m going to step down off my soapbox before I fall off.