several days last week were full of cat puke all around the house.  I was concerned that maybe we had some bad cat food, so I started giving them canned food exclusively, until I could get them another kind of dry.

I buy generic of most everything, including cat food.  I am loyal to very few brands, and I’ve found that the things that I’m not a stickler for, don’t really make much difference, other than price.

this weekend, however, I bought Purina cat food, formulated for indoor cats.  they haven’t had any problems. yesterday morning, jessica called me into the living room.  fox8 news was telling of a lenoir woman who is suing menu foods for her cats’ deaths.

that’s when I told jessica that our cats had been getting sick, waffle in particular, so I switched foods.  she asked me what food I had been giving them and I told her ‘special kitty’.  she jumped up, telling me that was the food the lady in lenoir fed her cats.  she was very upset, as was I, to know that we had been feeding our precious furrballs poisoned food.

thankfully, everyone seems to be recovered, it’s been a little over a week, with no throwing up.  now I just pray that purina doesn’t make it onto the list.  in that case, they’ll be eating people food.