this kitty will not let me out of her sight for very long.  if I go into the bathroom, she follows me.  if I close the door to the bathroom, she sits outside and cries.  when I do laundry, she sits in the window and watches me.

when I sit at the sewing machine,  she stays as close to me as she can. cc-at-the-sewing-machine-275-x-207.jpg

when I get on the computer, she won’t let me sit here by myself:     cuppycake275-x-207.jpg and when I go to bed at night, she sits outside my door, crying and throwing herself against it.

rich says she thinks I’m her mama, since I have loved on her since she was born, and I’m nicer to her than her mama.  well, atleast she’s as cute as my other young’uns.