tony and madison love playing with the hose. we don’t let them do it often, due to my paranoia that one day soon our well will run dry. I realize that it’s pretty silly of me to worry, but, I do anyway.

100_1983-330-x-248.jpg they look for anything to wet down. here, they’re making mud in the hole where the cherry tree once stood. rich had just put more dirt in the hole a couple of days before, and had told them not to wash it away. now, to you and I, that would sound like “don’t mess with that dirt”, but to those two, it apparently sounded like “you can wet it down as long as it stays in the hole”… 100_1989-330-x-248.jpg

the funny thing is, that tony LOVES to soak anyone he can, but he absolutely hates to be squirted. when he’s in the pool, it’s the same thing, he’ll happily splash anyone in his vicinity, but fusses endlessly if he gets splashed. this always leads to his getting totally soaked…100_1990-330-x-248.jpg