“aunt holly, do you have a bird cage?”

I’m working on a bridal shower invite, when madison comes up with this question. yes, I have a cage, but do I want to give it to them? what are they planning to put in it? how many whats are they planning to put in it?

she then explained that they (she and tony) were playing down by their favorite tree, and had found a bird on the ground. it wouldn’t fly, just sat there when they walked up to it. they decided that it needed help, so tony picked it up and put it in the crook of a close tree. then he sent her to me.
I looked at the poor little bird, and my heart melted. I told tony where to find the cage. I then explained to madison that birds carry lice, so I wasn’t happy that they had touched it. she immediately grabbed her head, as if she had contracted lice of her own. when tony brought the cage back, I told them there was a good chance we would be letting it go soon.

*I reminded tony again that if a mother bird smelled a human on her baby, she wouldn’t want the baby anymore. he explained that they didn’t think it was a baby anymore…

when rich got home, he reminded me that birds can carry west nile virus. why didn’t I think of that? why did I think of lice, but not this deadly virus? this is a child who spent a week in the hospital with rocky mounted spotted fever. it was almost a week into the rash before I remembered pulling a tick off him two weeks before. where is my head? sometimes I think maybe I just don’t think.
anyway…I let the bird go. I set him back where the kids found him. when I walked under the tree, there were birds galore hollering at me, I reckon giving me all kinds of grief for having that baby in my possession. I just hope they don’t disown him.

*edited 5/2.  I googled this fact, and found that it’s just a myth, birds don’t have very good sense of smell, so the mama should never even know that we touched it…