the other day, tony wrote a story, and I thought I’d share it.  I changed the font to make it easier to read.  he wrote it in storybook, and that was just too difficult for me to read, being this small, and I thought anyone would have trouble, too.

There once was a kingdom far far away and in that kingdom was a small village with very poor people. Some of the poor people asked the king and queen for some money, but they refused to give up any of their money. Then a small little boy came into the small village; all the people came out of their little homes and they all laughed at the boy.  Then one villager burst out, saying, “ha ha ha little boy blue came to blow his horn”.  That only made the laughing worse.  Whatever they said the little boy ignored. Soon the little boy went to a house where his old pal lived. His friend said, “Hello, Tony”.  Then everyone stopped laughing…..everyone had heard the story of the legendary Tony Hockett; he once used his incredible powers to slay a dragon. The one who said the insult dared to come up to him and speak. He said,  “my great apologies,  Sir Tony”. Tony only said, “accepted”.  Then Tony’s friend said, “the poor ask of your help”.  Tony said, “very well, I shall do my best”. Then Tony went to the king and queen and said, “I command you to give these people money!”  Then the king said, “Aahhh, how dare you! Guards ,arrest this fool!”  “Yes ,sir”, they said.  Then Tony spun around in a circle, flames went everywhere, and the two guards fell to the ground. The king gasped, “You… you defeated my guards!”  Tony said, “Duh!  fire+guards=defeat!”  “Oh, yeah?  How about 20 guards?”  Then Tony said,  “Easy!”  The king said,  “How do you know?”  “Did you ever hear the story of me?” asked Tony.  The king said, “Don’t know…don’t care.”  Tony said, “grrrr/rrrrrrr you dumb idiot!”  Then the queen said,       “Aahhh, how dare you say that to my husband! guards arrest him!”  Then 999,999 guards went after him.   Then a mysterious little girl came into the small village.   The guy who said the insult to Tony said,  “Ha ha ha litt…” then someone interrupted: “Shut up!”  The little girl came to Tony’s friends house. Tony’s friend said, “Hello, Madison.”  Then Madison asked Tony’s friend, “Where is Tony?”  Then Tony’s friend said, “He is in the castle.”  Then Madison said, “Why?”  Then Tony’s friend said,  “To get the poor money.”   Then Madison headed for the castle. Then she saw 999,999 guards.  Then she got ready to fight side by side with Tony. Then Madison said, “You think we can take them?”  Tony said, “Definitely!”  Then they used their special moves, and all the guards fell to the ground.  Then Tony and Madison went for the king and queen; they fell to the floor, then they got the money then gave it to the poor people and they all lived a wonderful life.                                                                                                                                  the end