I watched rachael ray this morning, and she had michael j. fox on.  he met a young lady who has helped raise over $60,000 for michael’s parkinson’s disease foundation.

as I watched him on that show, I felt a couple of different things.  I remembered the fond feelings I’ve always had for him.  I used to have a huge crush on him, from way back in the family ties days.  and I’ve always been impressed that he brings such a boy next door quality to all of the characters he plays.  I just think he must be a great person in real life.

I felt admiration for him, as well.   watching him jerking and twitching, I marveled at how brave he is; how difficult it must be, to be exposed in front of so many people.  he said that his symptoms were the result of medication.

and, for the record, I have always thought that rush limbaugh is a pompous ass.  and he only reaffirmed that opinion when he announced that michael was exaggerating the effects of his disease for public sympathy in a television ad for a politician who supports stem cell research.

I really really don’t like rush limbaugh, or other fanatics, such as laura schlessinger, ann coulter, al sharpton, among others.  I feel strongly about many things, but I think you can carry your feelings way too far, and these people are prime examples.

well, that’s it for my diatribe.  michael j fox gets my admiration, not animosity.  I’ll reserve that for rush.

by the way, I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, “Jesus was a liberal”.  I really like that sentiment.