I never knew just how much I depend on my mother for family gatherings, until easter suddenly came.  I say suddenly, because it was very sudden for me.  every year, every year, mama gets the ham, the plastic eggs, and lots of basket fillers.

this year, mama’s been battling viruses and other illnesses for the past month, atleast.  nothing major, just enough to make her feel puny and not herself.

naturally, I being self centered and a bad daughter never gave a thought to ham and plastic eggs.  I had plenty of basket filler, so that wasn’t a problem.

saturday, I realized that we weren’t prepared, so I went to the store in search of the elusive ham.  and elusive it was.  there were none to be found.  so, I grabbed a couple of pork loins.  I didn’t, however, worry about plastic eggs, since tony and maddy had colored 3 dozen that morning.  I figured if it warmed up enough to have an egg hunt, we’d just use those.

the meal turned out great, everyone here loves pork loin, but it never really warmed up enough for hunting.  in fact, tony asked me yesterday if we were going to have one, and I told him I thought maybe we’d do it this weekend, since it would be warmer.  he then proceeded to tell me that he would not be participating, as he had grown too old to hunt for eggs.  last year he enjoyed it, but in the space of 12 months, he had grown up and realized that hunting eggs was for little kids.  !?!

well, next year maybe emma will be ready to hunt eggs.  tony says he’ll hide them for her.

and hopefully next year, I’ll remember this whole preparedness (or lack thereof) episode, and communicate with my mother…but probably not.  I’m not very good at planning ahead.  I can do it, I just choose not to, I reckon.