full frontal view, originally uploaded by hockamama.

this is the room that will benefit from the organizing junkie’s 30 day organizational challenge. I knew it was bad, but until I actually took the pictures, I just didn’t realize how awful it was. I’m sorry that you have to look at it…

the cupboard to the left was the first project.  I worked on it yesterday.  this is probably where I should mention that I suffer from packrat-itis.  In my cupboard I found: 88 greeting cards, 19 boxes of greeting cards, 11 calendars, 4 yearbooks, 3 berke breathed books, 2 cat o’ nine tail whips, 2 old cellphones, a buttload of tealight candles, and a chicken that poos jellybeans.

I  didn’t get rid of all of it, but I did send quite a bit of this mess to goodwill.  surely someone will use these things instead of putting them away for later.  that’s part of my problem, I put things away for safekeeping, then I forget where they are!  I found a gift that I bought my good friend penny for Christmas, so I’ll give it to her for her birthday instead.

I plan to tackle more this afternoon and this weekend, but with this fussy little baby, it’s difficult to do as much as I would like.