I have never been much of a spring cleaner, well, to be honest, I’ve never been much of a cleaner period. I don’t make my bed often, I don’t dust often, I grew up straightening by organizing junk into piles.

I have piles of ‘stuff’ everywhere. the thing is, there are some important things in those piles, and some stupid things. things like magazine articles that I haven’t had the chance to read (and consequently forget since they’re in some stupid pile) insurance papers, school notices, junk mail, coupons, yada yada yada.

my bedroom is one of the worst rooms in the house, because it’s where I throw stuff that I don’t want laying around in the rest of the house.

So…I am joining Organizing Junkie’s 30 day organizational challenge. I found it via a place for everything, just this morning.

in organizing junkie’s post, she included this quote:

No Challenge, No Change.

If you don’t give yourself a challenge, there can be no change, and without change, there is no growth.


this is what made me decide to do this. later today or tomorrow, I will post a before picture, in the hopes that y’all don’t think too bad of me…