I guess I’ve been away for awhile. not away from home so much, as away from myself. do you ever have those times when you think back, and wonder ‘where did last week go?’

mandi went back to work on the 19th, so I’ve been keeping emma. most days she’s very good, but sometimes she’s very fussy. once in awhile, she’s in-between. I am enjoying her so far.

we’ve taken her to church with us the last couple of weeks. everyone comments on how sweet and cute she is. she’s very well behaved, sleeping most of the morning. rich holds her during the service, and feeds her when she wakes up. so far, only 2 people have told us that we need one of our own. I want to scream. I love that little sugar booger, but I also like to see her leave every day.

rich bought a new kia spectra a week ago saturday. it’s a cute little car, and great on gas. these days that means a lot. and I get my jeep back now, so I’m not stuck home all day anymore.

the downside is that now we have another payment. I always worry about money, I reckon that will never change.

we were supposed to have company for after church dinner yesterday, so I made a kahlua cake. I found the recipe online, and it was very yummy! it was so yummy, in fact, that I sent 3/4 of it to work with rich, because I ate 3 pieces yesterday and last night. I knew if it was here, I’d eat the whole thing. my willpower only works sporadically, and these last couple of days, it’s been on the fritz.

at this moment, my husband is watching florida and ohio state bounce a ball around an arena. this man watched a lot of sports when we first met, then gradually quit watching any of them. now, suddenly this year, he has been watching quite a bit of basketball. it’s a new experience to hear him hollering at the television. I reckon if he did it all the time, it would bother me, but right now I think it’s cute.

this past week, I noticed that one of the tubes in our bed had a leak, so we put off messing with it till the weekend. then we forgot. today, I stripped the sheets and opened the mattress top, just to make sure we remembered.

we pulled out the empty tube, dried the bed out real well, and cloroxed the crap out of the inside. we’re down one tube now, but it almost lays better, so I don’t think we’ll worry about replacing it anytime soon.

mandi and I are taking the babies to the zoo tomorrow. I just told tony when I tucked him in, so he wouldn’t bug me. he’s come downstairs twice now, for little things. his excitement is making it hard for him to sleep. we haven’t been to the zoo in about 8 years; tony was still in a baby buggy when he last went. it’s supposed to be in the 80’s, so it should be a pretty day, hopefully we’ll get lots of great pics!