rich and I are taking a couples’ sunday school class. it is focusing on communication, and let me tell you, we can really use it. well, y’all already know that, don’t you?

anyway, our assignment this past week was to bring in a wedding picture. while I was digging through our ghetto album, I came across a paper that I’ve apparently been saving for eons.

jessica was 7 when we got married, kris was 5. we all referred to it as “our” wedding. rich even asked them if he could marry all of us. I know, aww…

so, at my bridal shower, we played a few games, and one of them was to answer questions about rich and I. I scanned Jessica’s answer sheet, but I can’t figure out how to get it onto this post big enough to read, but not so big that it’s partly cut off, so I’ll just tell you the funniest answers.


1. what advice would you give the groom to keep his bride happy? give her all the money

2. what advice would you give the bride to keep her groom happy? take the money away from her

3. what will the newlyweds’ first fight be about? money

4. what 3 things should the bride pack for her wedding night? her wedding ring, her christmas hat

5. what 3 things should the groom pack for his wedding night? his wedding ring, his cat, his wife

she and I laughed over this little paper the other night, when we found it.