it’s a sloppy, chilly, rainy day today, and I’m trapped in my house with 3 noisy, rowdy boys.  that in itself calls for lots of coffee.

maybe I make it sound worse than it really is.  it was my idea for this chaos to happen, so that’s a little better, gives me a little control over it.  and, all in all, it’s been okay so far.

only 2 boys made it, the other little boy bit his brother this morning, so he had to stay home.  right now they’re playing monkey ball, a game I rented because jess said that tony has too much home field advantage with any games that are already here.  the squabbling is at a minimum at the moment.

I am headed into my workroom to stitch up some pocket books.  I am drinking coffee like crazy.  most days I just drink 2 or 3 cups, then start on iced tea, but today, with the chilly weather, I just need some warmth.  the caffeine is a fringe benefit.