tomorrow, tony will have 3 little friends come over for a play date.  his teacher frequently gets on him and the other boys for being rowdy.  the problem is that they don’t get to go outside to play but maybe 20 minutes a week.  yep, 20 minutes a week!  how crazy is that?

it makes me feel really old, because rich and I can remember being in school and having recess 3 times a day, and now they go once a week, for 20 minutes.  it’s no wonder america’s kids are overweight, but that’s a soapbox issue for another day.

the point of this post is that tomorrow, I will have a house full of boys, and it’s supposed to rain.  joy.  so I told tony he needs to straighten his room a bit.  it’s not bad, just a few things that need to be put away, some trash to be tossed, that sort of thing.

so, he went to his room, read for a bit, napped for a bit, then came downstairs.  he admitted that he had not yet done any straightening, so I sent him back up.  this time he was gone for maybe 10 minutes.  he came down holding his stomach, moaning.  I asked him if he was sick, and he said “no, I just don’t feel good.”  I’m thinking that maybe I can get out of these boys coming over, so I said maybe you need to go lay down.  I have a feeling that he realized what I was doing, and that his little ploy might backfire, because he told me that his bladder hurt.  his bladder!  I thought I’d heard all of the excuses for not cleaning a bedroom.