I love to cook, and lately my favorite tv station is food network. rachael ray, sandra lee, tyler florence, robin miller, and many more…I just love love love them.

monday night I made tyler’s ultimate macaroni & cheese. it was soooo good. lots and lots of sharp cheddar cheese, thyme, and garlic; topped with bacon, onions and more thyme. I only had enough left for jessica to heat up for lunch the next day.

tonight I made fish fillets. I watched sandra lee make them, so I thought I’d try them. rich and tony really liked them. they’re covered in wheat chex cereal and deep fried, so they’re really crispy. my tartar sauce was a little oniony, so I put a little more parmesan than I usually do, and that evened it out.

I am such a foodie, it’s no wonder I weigh so much more than I should for my short stature.

last saturday night, rich and I went to eat at pf chang’s china bistro in greensboro. it’s in the new group of chic shops that opened right before christmas. we like chinese food, so I’ve been looking forward to eating there, but I think I should have paid closer attention to the name: china bistro. it was very trendy. I almost felt a little too old to be there, but there were lots of people of all ages, so I’m not sure that I just didn’t feel too non-vogue.

so, my husband is extremely non-adventurous. I started feeling a little anxious as soon as I saw the menu. they had cashew chicken, beef and broccoli, several of the other standard chinese buffet fare, but their descriptions made him nervous about trying any of them. they had dishes like: shrimp with candied walnuts; spicy ground chicken and eggplant; chengdu spiced lamb…I was torn between alaskan sockeye salmon steamed with ginger, and the oolong marinated sea bass. the waitress recommended the sea bass, so rich and I both ordered it. it was pretty good; it was marinated in oolong tea and a sweet ginger sauce, and served over fresh spinach and baby corn. the sauce got a little tangy after awhile, but all in all, pretty good.

I don’t usually have room left for dessert when we go out, but dessert was the whole reason I wanted to go to pf chang’s. a few weeks ago fox8 morning news featured the restaurant on it’s wednesday recipe segment. I don’t remember what the other courses were, but dessert was bananas wrapped in spring rolls and deep fried, served with pineapple/coconut ice cream, drizzled with caramel, and garnished with some fresh berries. it was heavenly, delectable, luscious…quite possiby the absolute best dessert I have ever had. ever. maybe even better than tiramisu.

I don’t know that I would ever go there for dinner again, but I will definitely pop in for dessert. sometimes my friend cris and I do progressive meals. we may go to an indian restaurant for an appetizer, then get some brick fired pizza, then a scrumptious dessert somewhere. we usually top it all off with some good coffee and even more conversation at a cute little coffee shop.

yep, I’m a foodie. I wonder if there’s any kind of 12 step program for that. maybe they’ll have some refreshments….