…of how he doesn’t listen to me. I realize that I’m not the only wife in the world with this problem, and in all honesty, most of the time, I don’t mind that much. but sometimes, there are important things that I want him to know.

last week, I was sick on the day my library movies had to go back (I almost always wait until the last minute to watch them, and some don’t get watched at all). the next day I went on tony’s field trip, so I didn’t have time to drop them off in the drop box. I asked rich to do this for me.

I explained to him the importance of getting them there in the morning before the library opened. if they are there when they open, they aren’t late. I assumed (stupid, stupid) that he understood what I meant.

fast forward to yesterday, I went into the library to drop off some books, saw a couple more that I had to have, and when I checked out, the girl told me that I had a fine of $3.

as I went out to the car, I called him and asked him when he returned my books.  “the day you asked me to.”  but what time, I asked.  “on my way home from work.  why?”

when I explained that I now had a fine, he said, “but I took them back the day you told me to, what’s the problem?”  I told him that if he had dropped them off that morning, there wouldn’t be a problem.  “Oh”, he said, “I didn’t realize that.”

” !@!#@#$QW#$%#%&%^&&^*(&*% ” I wanted to scream, but what purpose would that have served?  the thing is, if I tell him that he doesn’t listen to me, he would disagree.

so, how do you ladies manage to keep your sanity?   I know I’m not the only one dealing with this mess.  HELP!!