saturday I had my hair cut. cheryl took a good 9 inches off the length. I was ready for a little change; been feeling a tad bit dumpy lately. cheryl fussed at me for letting my gray come in so thick. I told her I was tired of coloring it. she cocked her head, put her hand on her hip and asked me if I was tired of looking young, too. that girl knows how to cut me deep.

after my hair cut, I did some grocery shopping. when I brought the groceries in, I was only home for about 30 minutes, but still, isn’t that enough time for him to notice?

kris & I picked up mandi (who said “cute haircut” when she got in the car) and the baby, and we grabbed jessica from work and took her to lunch. as soon as we slid into the booth, jessica said “mama, you went to see cheryl! it looks so cute”.

when I got home that evening, after more shopping, rich was on the couch, sick.  I went out with my friend Cris – which turned into just a short dinner since I needed to get back home to baby my sick hubby – and she noticed right away.

granted, they’re all women, and we notice these things, but you’d think the man who lives with me would see some sort of change.

he was sick all weekend, so I cut him some slack, but today he went to work. I colored it while he was gone, just to temporarily disguise the gray.  he’s not all the way better, but better enough that I’m getting a little peeved that he hasn’t noticed yet.

on a side note, I’ve been telling him for a month (since I saw the preview on apple’s site) that he’s gonna take me to see ‘wild hogs’ this saturday, with dinner at the new pf chang’s before hand. atleast once a week I mention this upcoming date night. so, imagine my surprise when, last week I told tony that he was gonna go to nana’s because his daddy is taking me out…rich says “do I know about this?” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have maintained for years that he doesn’t listen to me. I’m sure there’s a reason for that-maybe I talk too much, maybe I talk about things not worth listening to, maybe I speak at a pitch not audible to the human ear-but still…this comment just proves my point.

fanny flagg’s saran wrapped naked lady gave me the idea of drenching myself in his mountain dew, or smearing oreos all over my skin. but what stops me is the fear that instead of catching his interest, it will really gain his pique, as he wonders why I wasted all that dew and oreos…