I just saw a commercial for this stuff, rejuvenate. you get 2 bottles of the stuff, a bottle of some other stuff, a mop cap and a cleaning mitt, all for only $19.99. but that’s not all, if you call right now, you can ask the operator how to get a lovely door mat with your favorite initial.

I have 2 questions for the rejuvenate people:

  1. since you don’t say this lovely mat is included in my 19.99, what difference does it make if I call now or not? if I call tomorrow, will they still tell me how to get it? what about next month?
  1. why my favorite initial, and not the initial that indicates my last name? could I really get Z, just because I like it? but then, how do I explain to guests why I have a random initial on my lovely door mat, and not my own?

I am SO confused!