last night the 5 of us went to green’s supper club for jess’ birthday.  they have. the best. prime rib.  ever.  they brought her out a little piece of cake with a candle.  it was nice.  then we dropped the guys off, and she and I went to see a movie.

we saw catch and release, with jennifer garner.  it’s a really good chick flick.  we were lucky to find 2 seats in the theater, it sold out 3 tickets after us, and we got there as the preview and commercials were starting.

afterwards, we went to steak and shake for a couple of yummy shakes.  they have some new ones made with frozen yogurt, they are really good.

I enjoy hanging out with her as much as with my friends, maybe more.  we have a much better relationship than I did with my mama at that age.  what is it about daughters?  I love my boys, too.  the relationships are just different, I’m not sure why.