12:43 am. Tuesday. January 26. 1988. Jessica Marisa finally made her appearance. One of the most joyous days of my life.

I went into labor on sunday morning; looking back, it was probably just braxton hicks. it didn’t start feeling bad until monday evening. nevertheless, from sunday morning on, I ate one donut and buckets of jello, as per the instructions given in childbirthing class. the donut was my own addition, they cautioned against anything other than jello, as it may come back up. and boy, did it!

when the contractions started coming real good, I would walk around our living room. I lived with my parents then. we were in the middle of a very cold ohio winter, so there was no going outside for this girl. I paced, saying the alphabet, counting backwards, spelling words, anything to keep my mind occupied.

mama called the hospital to find out when we should come – even though they probably told us during our classes (she was my partner, it brought us closer, I think) when the excitement started, she lost her cognitive thinking, you know how she is – and they told her to bring me when the contractions were about 5 minutes apart. mine never came that way.

mama timed me, I would go 8 minutes, then 2, then 11, then 5, then 2, etc. she decided we had better go. daddy loaded me up into the back of his old jeep, and we headed off into the snow storm. the 20 minute drive took almost an hour because of the weather. poor daddy, mama was surely telling him to hurry up and be careful, alternately; picture hyacinth bucket instructing richard.  all I could think about was pushing, I was so ready.

by the time we got into the room, I was dilated to 8. the doctor moseyed in, washed his hands, and the nurse told him he better hurry, she could see a head.  43 minutes after I arrived at the hospital, I was holding my sweet baby girl.

she looked like a little eskimo baby, she was so adorable.

jessbaby.jpg now, she’s 19. I can’t figure out how that happened! where did that time go? I’m not ready for her to be an adult yet. I still want to be the most important person in her life.

the other night we were sitting on the couch, and she looked at the fortune inside her jones soda cap. it said true happiness is right beside you. she hugged my neck and thanked me for being her true happiness. I love this girl!