my beloved father-in-law swore by the healing qualities of merthiolate.  I think he believed that it would cure any skin ailment.  any time one of the kids had some kind of little problem, out came the red tincture.merthiolate.gif

when I was a kid, I remember having red spots on my legs, where all my boo-boos were.  I don’t remember who put it there, probably one of my grandmothers, but I remember it stung for a short while.  back then, if it stung, you could be assured it was working…kind of like how if medicine tasted good it wouldn’t work.   I don’t think that’s the case any more, leastwise I don’t hear adults using those as their mantras like when I was a kid.

Ed has been gone from us for 27 months now, almost 1/4 of tony’s life, and I really worry that tony will forget him, and all the special times they had together.  so I was surprised this afternoon, when he came to me with a hole – left from the splinter he dug out of his foot yesterday – and asked for papa’s red medicine.

that bottle has remained in the closet for over 2 years now, migrating towards the back with each addition of shampoo or rubbing alcohol, etc.  yet, tony remembered it, or more likely, he remembered the times when papa would apply it, talking sternly, telling him to be still and quit squirming.  papa would blow it dry, telling tony not to do again whatever it was that caused this boo-boo.  then, when the tears and the merthiolate were dry, papa would tousle his hair, and tell him to go outside and play.

yeah, I think that’s what tony remembers.