today, we went to the greensboro children’s museum, anticipating some cool martin luther king, jr activities. what they had, though, were coloring pages, and friendship bracelets. the young’uns each made a bracelet, and played at all of the exhibits. they had lots of fun playing news station, blowing bubbles, building a house, and several other things.

when we left, I told them I would take them to the playplace over on 421 – which is the WORST mcdonald’s to get in and out of, so what was I thinking?! – but somehow I managed to get us lost. I kept finding streets that I thought would take me where I wanted to go, but inevitably, I turned the wrong direction, so we ended up being more lost. the worst part was, that I just KNEW the highway was a couple of blocks away, I just couldn’t figure out how to get there. finally I called rich, who told me to take a left, which brought me to a road that I knew very well…it was one block away the whole time. I know all of this makes me sound like an idiot, but I’m not. I know lots of shortcuts around greensboro, some that even my former truck drivin’ man doesn’t know. I’m just not familiar with that side of town, I reckon. anyway, I’m glad to be home, safe and found.