a boy and a boat, originally uploaded by hockamama.

last week, tony and I went to new bern to stay a couple of nights with some friends who had a timeshare for the week. we went over to atlantic beach, because in tony’s opinion (and mine, I admit) you can’t be that close to the ocean, and not visit. so, we went to my second home – walmart – and picked up some sand toys. the wind was pretty chilly, but we hung out for about an hour. the part of the beach we went to was right next to the coast guard station, and had dangerous currents, so no swimming, surfing or wading. the lack of allowed activity resulted in some fantastic shells; the best we’ve ever found.

we also watched as two tugboats came over and turned around. they floated idle for a little while, so we knew something must be coming in. pretty soon we saw the cargo ship that is on my header. from afar, tony thought it looked like a pirate ship. up close, it was like a small city on the water. there were lots of people on it, it carried a boat that from a distance looked like a toy, but upon closer inspection, it was as big as the little tugboats. even the cargo containers looked like legos.

after that we drove into beaufort for lunch. we checked out a couple of antique shops (not my idea of a vacation, but we were at the mercy of tammie and linda), and walked the boardwalk. I’d like to go back another time and go over to carrot island and see the wild ponies; we caught sight of one across the water, grazing.

we only stayed a couple of days, and it was nice, but I was really ready to be home. we came back on wednesday afternoon, just in time for tony to go back to school thursday. so, now we’re back into the routine, and I’m ready for another break. I like having the young’uns around during the day, so spring break can’t come soon enough!