thankfully, the plays are over! they both went off without a hitch, blessedly. ms judy, tony and madison’s sunday school teacher performed max lucado’s crippled lamb. she used all 5 of my youth group, as well. tony was joshua, the lamb, and ms judy was abigail the cow who took him under her wing. madison played mary and the youth were joseph and the shepherds. it was really cute, and as always, everyone enjoyed it.

our play went well, also.  the play we did this year involved a powerpoint presentation, with a picture to correlate with each aspect of the nativity story.  we had a couple of missed lines, which also resulted in skipped pictures, but it worked out fine.  after the play, I showed the audience the photos they missed, and they really enjoyed it.

I explained to the youth (as I do every year) that the audience doesn’t know what the cast will be saying, so they don’t know if lines were skimmed over; my hope is that they will just gloss right over any missed lines, but they almost always falter, and I guess that’s just human nature. it’s hard to keep reading aloud if you’ve lost your spot, even after you find it; so I guess this is along the same lines.

today was the Christmas program at the elementary.  it is always so sweet to listen to an auditorium (or multi-purpose room)  full of angelic voices.  it’s even more fun to watch the couple of kids up front making faces at audience members.

so, for the next couple of days I can finish up the crafts that I need to complete for gifts, including goody baskets.  I covered nut and coffee cans with Christmas scrapbook paper.  they turned out pretty nice.  I think I’ll need to bake some more cookies, someone discovered my stash hidden in the dishwasher, and now they’re terribly depleted.  you’d think these people never have homecooked goodies!

next, wrapping gifts.  right now everything is in bags in my closet, and I can’t move around in there.  hopefully I’ll have them wrapped and under the tree (keeping fingers crossed that they stay wrapped) in the next couple of days