I seem to have fallen off the face of the blog. I have been up to my ears in Christmas preparations, and haven’t had time to post, or even read the blogs that I love.

however, things have slowed a little, so I’m checking in.

I used to make my own Christmas cards every year, just because I like to do it, and I hope the people on my list like handmade cards. the problem is that I usually don’t decide just how I want to do them until it’s late enough that I have to push myself to get them finished. so, after a year of handmade cards, I have been taking a couple of years off and buying cards. then I remember how much I enjoyed making them – especially when they were finished – and I want to make them again.

I just finished my cards on monday. it took me a month to get them done, a couple of hours here, an hour there. if I put all that time together, I reckon it would be about a week of 8 or 10 hour days. it’s exhausting, but I really do enjoy it. I’m just glad they’re done. (I think the people who live with me are glad, also)

then I started on the baking and candy making. I’ve been working on that the last two days. I take my little dvd player into the kitchen so I can watch movies while I bake. it helps keep me on track. if I get involved in a movie in the kitchen, I’ll be less likely to wander into the living room, thereby losing interest in baking. I’m almost done with it. I have to hide all of the goodies I make, or my peeps would eat them all before I could give them away. as it is, they whine that I make stuff for everyone but them.

then, in between all of this, I have the youth play at church to deal with. this year we thought we’d try something a little different. our play will be accompanied by a powerpoint presentation. the cast consists of a teacher and 4 students. the teacher will recall the story of Jesus’ birth, while pictures flash on a screen. we took pictures of the youth as the key players, and they’ll add a little humor. I’ll post some of them below.

we’re done shopping for the offspring, and with the cards done, and most of the baking in the bag, I finally felt like I could relax and take a breath today. but then….

I was waiting for the school bus this afternoon, when my neighbor (she has ties to everyone in the state, I swear. she used to run the ambulance, and the volunteer fire dept down the road, her husband was a volunteer fireman, and her son is a professional fireman, paramedic and just jack of the medical field) yelled across the yard that the school bus had been involved in an accident. so I sped down the road to check my babies. when I got there, it was only the bus, the car who ran into the rear end, and one witness.

tony was sitting in the front seat, looking scared, so I flashed him the love sign. madison was across the aisle, so I went around to the other side so she’d see that I was there. I like to think they both relaxed a little.

within just a couple of minutes, the road started to fill up with volunteer firemen – all of them from my church, which was comforting – and other emergency vehicles. several of the cops I know came. then the ambulance. one of the big boys who sits in the very back had some minor injuries, whiplash I think. they took him off on the board, over the seats, because the car was wedged up under the bus. they had to get the fire hose out and spray down the engine area.

pretty soon other parents came, then the principal.

here’s the weird part: during the 45 seconds it took me to get there, (I didn’t drive that fast, it was less than a mile from the house) I was fine; but as soon as I got there, I started getting emotional. they were not hurt, so why was I so worked up? I have no clue. I called rich, which I probably shouldn’t have done. as soon as he answered, I lost the ability to speak; that, combined with the symphony of arriving sirens just about gave him a heart attack. I guess I just wanted to hear his voice. it’s amazing, that even over the phone, he has the power to calm me down.

so anyway, now tony and madison have one more weapon in their “we don’t want to ride the bus anymore” arsenal. I’m glad they’ve only got a little over a week to go until a nice long Christmas break. I’m definitely looking forward to several days of sleeping in…