there are times when I have so many things to do, and I can’t figure out where to start, that I just say poo on it all for now and veg (this is not difficult for a lazy person such as myself).  this is the season when I am busiest – or should be.  every few years I make my own Christmas cards.  only every few years, because it takes that long to forget what a pain in the rear it is.  I have to struggle to remain motivated enough to finish them, but I really do like the feeling of accomplishment, and I prefer to give cards that have more meaning than the ones I could buy.  the other years, I just go buy cards.  if nothing else, it keeps people guessing, wondering which they’ll get this year.

I have several gifts that I want to sew, but I’m not sure they’ll get completed in time.  and, I bake, and bake, and make candy.

so, right now while I’m blogging, I should be doing something more productive.  guess how motivated I am?