sometimes I see people – some of whom I really like – when I’m out and about, and I walk the other way before they see me. later I ask myself why I would do such a thing. self doesn’t have an answer. I think at times I just don’t feel like socializing, being friendly and chipper. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very friendly person, sometimes too much so. rich and the kids get upset when I stop to talk to people when we’re out, because I usually talk longer than they would like. one time at walmart, I ran into a couple of my scout parents, and we talked for over an hour; luckily, jess and tony were watching a movie in the electronics department. I can do friendly.

but sometimes, I just don’t want to. I have avoided people that I really really like, as well as some that I don’t care for. I almost always feel guilty later, leastwise when it’s someone I like.

I only mention this because today I ran into my old boss when mama and I were at lowe’s. I was tempted to duck into an aisle real quick, but he saw me first. I can’t begin to know why I would wish to avoid him, he’s the best boss I ever had. he even asked me if I was ready to come work for him again…so why did I wish to avoid him? am I insane, do you think?