this past weekend, rich and I went to the outer banks. it’s only the third time in our marriage that we escaped without the kids, it’s also the longest time away from our kids (and at a little over 2 days, that’s not saying much!) it was a GREAT time. we stayed in a cozy little bed & breakfast on roanoke island.  we saw 3 lighthouses: currituck, bodie and hatteras. it was the first time either of us had seen a lighthouse. we went climbed to the top of jockey’s ridge, and we visited the wright brother’s memorial.

we had a fantastic time, and wished there had been more of it, since there were so many more things we would have liked to have done, but we needed to come home. we missed the kids, the whole time we were gone, we would say things like, “wouldn’t jess/kris/tony enjoy this?” so, even in escaping our young’uns, we brought them with us. it was hard to say goodnight over the phone, but I think they enjoyed their little vacation, too.

we’ve decided that we’ll try to go again next year, but we’ll take some or all of them with us.