I came across a tidbit in the bathroom reader that mentioned when William Shakespeare moved into his new home, he named it New Home. This started me to thinking about how some of us name our possessions.

Back in the days of single mama-hood, I drove one of these: bw-jeep-cherokee-chief.jpg and we loved her. The kids named her Stella. When I asked them why they chose that name, Kris said she just felt like a Stella. Unfortunately ours didn’t look as good as the one above. It was slowly falling apart; daddy had to replace the floorboard after Kris’ pacifier fell out onto the road one day.

When Rich came along, he decided a safer vehicle was called for, so he replaced our beloved Stella with the dreaded mini van. The kids named it Minnie, but she just didn’t have the style (or lack thereof, depending on who you asked) that Stella did. My poor Jeep has never been named.

A friend of ours has a charming little efficiency apartment built above her garage, she calls it “Treetop.” I have no idea who named it, but it fits well. It is cozy and sweet, much like the tree house many of us dreamed of back in the day.

Then there is BB King, who famously named his guitar “Lucille.”

I wonder why some people assign names to our inanimate possessions, and others don’t. Why do you suppose that is? And how many of y’all do it?