Okay, I haven’t give y’all any trivia lately, partly because it frequently bores me, and also because I don’t want to bore y’all.  But, I came across some interesting tidbits in my trusty bathroom reader, and I wanted to share:

  • On September 12, the Great Hurricane of 1938 devastated the New England states. That morning a man in West Hampton Beach received a barometer in the mail. The needle was stuck on “hurricane.” Disgusted, and thinking it was defective, he marched back to the Post Office and mailed the instrument back to the store from which he had purchased it. When he returned, his home was gone.
  • Doctors in a Mexican hospital were in the midst of open-heart surgery when a frog fell out of an overhead lamp and landed on the patient.
  • Despite 18 years working at a Florida fishing camp, Freddie Padgett was so terrified of water that he wore a life jacket to bed on stormy nights. Friends made fun of him, until a twister sucked him out of his RV while he was sleeping and dropped him into Lake Harney over a mile away. He suffered broken ribs and other injuries, but authorities say the life jacket probably saved his life.

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