I was watching fox8 news this morning – I really like Brad and Cindy in the morning.  They have a little ticker that goes across the bottom, like cnn, (this is difficult for me, because I am easily distracted, I find it hard to listen to what they’re saying, and read the news at the same time) and on this ticker, it said “Fighting Bull loose in Rockingham County (where I live).  Black bull weighing up to 800 pounds escaped from rodeo at Eden fairgrounds”.

I’m far enough away from Eden not to worry, and really, what is there to worry about?  Is this guy gonna come into my yard and gore me while I’m hanging clothes?

When I read this, I immediately thought of those old cartoons where the animal escapes from the zoo and either tries to pass itself off as something else, or the resident cat/dog try to alert the owner of the danger.  You reckon he’s disguising himself as a dairy cow, so he won’t have to go back to the rodeo?  What happens when a Red Hat lady just happens upon his path?

Just something to think about as you go about your day, oblivious to the fact that a fighting bull is on the loose…