korner’s folly side, originally uploaded by hockamama.

Well, things are back to normal (or atleast our version of normal), Rich is home, the kids are back in school. Yesterday was a teacher workday, so we had a 3 day weekend; it was nice, but it’s good to be back on track.

I wanted to do something fun while Rich was away, so Jess and I took the little ones up Helen’s way on Saturday. We went to Korner’s Folly, in Kernersville. If you have the chance to see this place, you should, it’s really cool. There are 22 rooms on 3 floors, but the house has 7 levels. Jule Korner never stopped remodeling and redistributing space. There is one room that originally had a 12 foot ceiling, he cut it in half and made 2 6foot rooms. There are stairs and doors everywhere, some of them pretty tight. I think there are 15 fireplaces, and each one is different, the tiles are beautiful. From the outside, it reminds me of the house that Count Olaf lives in. (I know you know who he is, right? From Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events).

We played around in Greensboro for awhile, finishing our afternoon at Coldstone Creamery. Yummmy.

On the way home, mama called to tell me that Kris had cut his head and I needed to take him to the hospital. He had been mowing our side yard that runs back behind the neighbor’s house, and had hit their clothesline pole. Apparently it had been there for awhile, because it just fell over on him, and cut his forehead. The only good thing about it was that he was using the old mower. I wouldn’t let him use John; that’s his daddy’s call, I don’t want that responsibility.

At the emergency room, they glued his gash closed. I told him that we could have done that at home and saved the time and money. But, I think there’s a good chance I would have glued his eye shut or something.

Rich made it home a little after midnight on Sunday. I was so happy to see him. Kris waited up with me, Jess couldn’t do, and Tony was spending the night with his little friend Alex. The furry monsters all greeted him, though.

He was full of stories of all the people he had seen, old friends, old girlfriends, family. He had a boy’s night with his 3 best friends; (the same ones who came here when his daddy passed, and helped him through the weekend) he REALLY needed that, he’s been so down lately.

If I weren’t secure in our relationship, it might bother me that they can give him something I can’t, but since I am, it doesn’t. I have to admit, though, that it used to; thankfully I am past all that childish crap (I hope). If I think about it, it’s the same for me, I get something from my friends that I don’t get from him. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be, though? Why else would we have both, friends and lovers?


…I took a break there for a little while, I’ll bet you didn’t even miss me, did you? I had to wash dishes. I have been cooking and baking all weekend, so there were plenty, even though I would periodically wash them while I was working. I did 4 rounds of them yesterday, I can’t figure out why there were so many today. I keep thinking how nice it would be to have a dishwasher. Oh, wait, that’s right, I DO have a dishwasher, I just can’t use it. Oh, well, maybe someday it will install itself and we will become friends…

Now, it’s off to do laundry. I’m on the third load already today. Where is that maid?