life-goes-on-harmony-book.jpgThis is a great book. It’s the 4th in the Harmony series. Sam Gardner grew up in Harmony, Indiana, and attended the Harmony Friends Meeting. He grew up and became a minister. He moved his family back to Harmony to pastor his childhood church. The books all deal with the characters in his meeting, and their personal versions of christianity. Sam is learning that he doesn’t like himself, for he has been quiet far too long. His fear of losing his job has prevented him from disagreeing with the various ignorance that surrounds him. This book is full of small town quirks, like when the Sausage Queen is dethroned when she announces (at her crowning ceremony) that she may be vegetarian, but she is proud to be the Sausage Queen. It’s a good book, and I encourage you to consider this series for a cozy winter’s read.