What a big wienie I am…my hubby is in Ohio visiting his friends; he needs some guy time, with the depression he’s been dealing with.  This is the weekend for the Pumpkin show, and everybody who EVER lived in Bradford goes back for it, so he’ll see some people he hasn’t seen in awhile.

I MISS HIM!!  I miss him when he’s at work, but not like this.  I am sad, but I haven’t told him how much I miss him.  When he calls, I tell him everything is fine, nothing going on, but I really miss him.  The sweet thing is, he would have stayed home if I wanted him to.  How sweet is that?  I love him.  I love him.  I love him.  I love him.  I love him.

So, here I sit, pining for my love, even though I’ll see him in a couple of days.