Yesterday, Rich turned 44.  He’s never been much of a birthday celebrator, but I’ve always tried to make it special for him.  Then, 2 years ago, he buried his daddy on this day, so now it’s really depressing for him.

The kids and I made him a pretty cake and surprised him at work last night, which made him feel a little better.  He’s leaving Thursday to go visit friends in Ohio for the weekend.  This is the weekend of the Pumpkin Show in his hometown, and he just needs some guy time right now.  I’ll miss him, but I’m looking for something fun for the kids and I to do, so maybe I won’t miss him too bad.

As I’ve attained more miles, I’ve come to realize that age is a hard thing to swallow.  When I turned 30, it was no big deal.  I’ll be 40 next year, and I really don’t think that will be much of a thing.  The thing is, in my mind, I still feel 20.  I’m understanding more why people don’t want to celebrate, and why so many women are holding at 29.  Our bodies age and betray us, but the mind stays young (hopefully maturing as it goes).  Is that where the saying “you’re only as old as you feel” comes from?  But, my body doesn’t feel as young as my mind does, I don’t mean it feels old, but not so young anymore.

Isn’t it a harsh jolt of reality, when you hear a song, or have a thought that reminds you of maybe high school, or sometime in the past, and then you realize, “whoa, that wasn’t as recent as it seems, was it?”

Well, I hope y’all have many happy birthdays, and hopefully our minds won’t catch up with our bodies…