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Madison recently started asking me if I would teach her how to cook. Tony is very interested, too, so we made banana bread a couple of weeks ago. We ended up with 2 mini loaves (perfect for each of them) and 3 regular loaves. The first thing they did was take one loaf next door to Patsy and Junis; they were so proud of their accomplishment. This experience fed their burning desires, now they’ve got visions of Christmas cookies, cakes, cheesecakes and all manner of yummy goodies.

I told them we would bake again this past weekend, but I have felt like dog poo for several days, so I’ve been trying to hold them off. Yesterday I felt good enough to let them create again. Madison made pumpkin nut muffins, and Tony made chocolate chip cookies. I found that letting them each make something different cut down on the boredom while one is waiting on the other to take their turn at pouring/stirring/chopping…we had lots of yummies, so I took some to my bible study class last night, and as “instructed”, I let everyone know that the babies made them, not I. I suspect they will hear good things Sunday morning.

Now, they think they’re ready for cut out cookies. I’m not sure, because I have only tried them once, but I just couldn’t get them to turn out right. I’m willing to give it another go, though, for the babies. I think I probably let them get too warm. I’ll keep you posted on our next endeavor.