AARRGGh! This phrase really grates on my nerves, and I can’t even tell you why. When I say something, and you say, “I know”, then I know we’re on the same page. When you say, “right?”, I want to say, “Of course it’s right! That’s why I said it in the first place!”

Now, I am not adverse to slang terms, by any means. I say mofo and po-po (although mostly just to see my kids cringe), but I really don’t understand some of the crap I hear today. AM I TOO OLD? What happened (and now I sound like my grandparents) to cool or awesome?

A few years ago, Rich had a cow when Blessid Union of Souls came on the radio singing about a girl being phat like Cindy Crawford. He wondered what a line like that does for a girl’s self esteem. When I explained to him what they were actually saying, he wondered where in the world that word came from. I wondered, too.

I hear this particular phrase (the title of this post, in case I’ve gone too far off topic) from people everywhere, including teens in my own home. I’m not saying you need to stop using it, I’m just asking you not to say it to me.