So, the other day, I came around the corner from the kitchen into the entryway, and there’s my fat cat lying outside my bedroom door, which is his favorite spot. Midstep, I noticed a daddy longleg spider walking toward him. Well, you know how I feel about spiders, but these kind don’t bother me as much, I guess they’re not all that creepy looking.

Anyway, I thought maybe Chewy would take care of the spider so I wouldn’t have to. Ha! He watched it walk up to him, it felt around his belly and leg, then walked away, all the while being watched by this lazy creature.

In all honesty, I don’t know what delusion I was operating under. Chewy sits and watches Humphrey with the interest level of one who wonders why another creature would expend so much energy, so it should have been obvious that he would have absolutely no interest in catching a spider. I think he probably would have let that spider climb on him.

He’s such a Garfield. And now, he’s got the 4 rugrats to put up with. Poor guy.